Voice-over services

May 09, 2017
I've hosted and engineered radio shows, commercials, video voice-overs, news segments, podcasts, and webcasts, and done voice acting in both humorous and dramatic productions.

Here's a recent voiceover for Code Friendlies, a CodeGCconnex improvement team:

This is a comedy news segment for satire website Mooseclean's, where I provide voice acting for the characters Sebastian Panache and Jim Duncan (as well as technical production):

For more samples of my recent work, check out Toddcast, a show that I host, produce and engineer.

If you like what you hear, write to me at todd at toddlyons dot ca. There is no charge if I am able to do the work as a Micro-Mission for a government project.  If you need me for a private project, please write me with your requirements and proposed voiceover fee. If the project is non-commercial in nature and will be released for public benefit under an open license, my fees are quite negotiable.
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