Canadian Privacy Roundup Wordle 2009

An Apology — In the previous edition of Safely Ignorable Content I outright lied misspoke when I said:
"I've been blogging for a couple of years now, but have ended up abandoning -- then deleting -- every blog I've ever started."
In fact, I've neglected to delete Canadian Privacy Roundup — a "blog" which I've been alternately maintaining and ignoring since February 2008 — since sometime early last year.  I was only reminded of this oversight earlier this morning when I logged into my blog account, noticed that CPR hadn't been deleted, and I decided to update it instead.

If it provides any justification for my omission, I don't really think of CPR as a blog.  For one thing, it's basically a news aggregator that I maintain primarily for personal reference.  And for another, it has no readers, followers, or subscribers that I'm aware of.  I think it received a comment once, but don't hold me to that.

Anyway, I realize that I completely missed the whole "Wordle" trend, but seeing as this segment is for our mutual amusement (note: not a guarantee), and neither CPR nor Wordle has been deleted yet, I elected to wordle the entire CPR website.  Wordle chewed, thought, then spat this at me:

A few initial (and highly unscientific) observations:
  1. The site seems to have an unnatural fixation on privacy, and with Jennifer Stoddart in particular.  Funny that no netstalking cease-and-desist warnings have appeared in my inbox.  Might be an email connectivity problem related to the overall lack of  feedback of any kind, from any user — ever.  (Except that one comment which might have been left... but upon further reflection might just have been wishful thinking on my part.)
  2. Toronto doesn't appear nearly as prominently as it wishes it did.
  3. David Loukidelis is taller than Ann Cavoukian, just like in person.
  4. Most privacy-related issues happen on Tuesday.
  5. Google, which is the most frequently used label on CPR (even more than Jennifer Stoddart), does not appear at all.  Spooky, I know.
If you have additional observations about this wordle, feel free to comment. Google Reader reports that I have an unprecedented 3 subscribers at the moment (confession: one of them is me, for, you know, like... quality assurance purposes).  Anyway: I know you're out there.  Both of you.