A podcast for, and about, public servants.
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Season Five:
  1. Steve
  2. Coming to Canada
  3. Dominion Sculptor
  4. Men Behaving Badly
  5. Transgender Too
  6. Indigenous Reconciliation
  7. Born Blind 
  8. Inaccessibility 
  9. Listener Questions
  10. The Jagged Path  
  11. / #52 Child of a Child
Whether you are a public servant or not, Toddcast offers powerful insights into the human psyche - at work, at home, at life. Highly recommend a listen and subscribe. — Jazzy13585432
Season Four:
  1. Transgender, with Kathryn Foss
  2. Meet Gayla Tibbits
  3. Free Agents
  4. 30 Years with Mark Templin
  5. It's a Sunny Day, with Julia Beresford
  6. Stories from Career Marketplace
  7. Meet Robert VanderBerg
  8. Tim Bouma and Tom Thomson
  9. Left Behind, with Nancy Kehoe
  10. Disability Management, with Elizabeth Ellis
  11. Meet Lily Spek
  12. Meet Chantal Lewis
A groundbreaking initiative by one Public Servant who wants to make a difference. And he is making a difference, of the kind made by ripples on a pond, or a seed planted and watered. Todd reminds us we are all human beings, with our own stories and struggles, and that we all make a difference. — Unkledodge
Season Three:
  1. Bill & Craig's Excellent Adventure
  2. Death in the Workplace
  3. Gavin Thompson and Boom Savings
  4. Performance Management Agreements
  5. Telework, part 1
  6. Telework, part 2
  7. Canada 150 and Beyond
  8. Meet Thom Kearney
  9. Surviving Suicide and Addiction, with SanDee Vandal
  10. Living with Bipolar Disorder, with Jessica Ward-King
  11. The Interchange Experience, with Katherine Parker
  12. Confidantes, with Tariq Piracha
AN INSIDE SCOOP - Great way for public servants and the general public to learn from others’ experiences and be inspired. Genuine, compassionate, and insightful. — Sunny M2
Season Two:
  1. Revenge Of The Students
  2. Meet Jennifer Hollington
  3. Conflict Resolution, with Lianna Ferran
  4. Meet Terry Kelly
  5. When Todd Met Joyce
  6. Meet Mary Beth Baker
  7. Aaron Ydenberg and Sierra Duffey
  8. Meet Vicki Fleury
  9. Mental Health & Mental Illness, part 2, with Melissa Scullion
  10. Mental Health Talks, part 3, with Darlene Marion and Lisa Janes
  11. "The Regions"
  12. Gender violence, part 2, with Jennifer Barrigar
TRAILBLAZER - A must for all looking for inspiration or a how-to on making a difference. The power of one is mighty. I love this podcast. — douwoo
Season One:
  1. Chillin' with Ilia
  2. Mental Health & Mental Illness, with Darlene Marion
  3. Meet Maria Belen
  4. Gender Violence and Workplace Discrimination
  5. Suits his Style
HOSTING CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER - Toddcast enables Canadian federal public servants to listen to their colleagues talk about the topics that matter to them - about work and life and wellness and illness and the joys and struggles of life in the public service. These are conversations that build community. — Dragonflygirl71

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The public service is us... and we have stories, perspectives, hope, and good humour to share in abundance.

This podcast explores the human side of the Government of Canada. What we all experience but don't often talk about can inspire and empower others: fears and doubts, hopes and dreams, mistakes we've learned from, big #WINs and little acts of good that we do everyday to help our colleagues and the whole of our country. And let's not forget to laugh!

If you have a story to share, or know someone who does, contact Todd on GCcollab or on Twitter.