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March 14, 2020

Read Me Somewhere

Stressed? Anxious? Can't sleep? Unwind with gentle readings of stories, essays and meditations to help you think and feel differently.

  1. The Power of Touch
  2. The Mutability of Literature
  3. On Lying Awake at Night
  4. The Tyranny of Things
  5. Some Nonsense About a Dog
  6. Living in the Country
  7. My Summer in a Garden
  8. Stop for a Moment
  9. Bed-Books and Night-Lights
  10. Beyond Life 
  11. The Mowing of a Field

    Innovate On Demand

    A podcast series for Canada School of Public service, on the successes and pitfalls of innovation.

    Available from Anchor: English | français, Apple Podcasts: English | français, Spotify: English | français, and others.*

    1. Field of (Broken) Dreams | Le champ des rêves (brisés)
    2. Human-Centred Impact Evaluation | Évaluation de l'impact axée sur l'expérience humaine
    3. Individual Innovation | Innovation individuelle
    4. Self-Help | Initiative personnelle
    5. Survival Of The Most Adaptable | La loi du plus adaptable  
    6. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Public Service | Le Guide du voyageur inter-fonction-publique
    7. Regulatory AI | L'intelligence artificielle en matière de réglementation  
    8. Virtual Leadership | Le leadership virtuel
    9. Working in the Open | Travailler sans frontières  
    10. Consensus Hiring and Surge Teams | Embauche par consensus et équipes d’appoint
    11. Predictive Hiring | Embauche prédictive
    12. Developing with Empathy | Concevoir avec empathie
    13. Better Humans | De meilleurs humains
    14. OneTeamGov Canada | GouvEnsemble Canada
    * Also carried by Castbox, Google Play: English | français, Podbean, Podtail, Pocket Casts, Stitcher: English | français, and other distributors.

    Indigenous Perspectives

    A 12-part podcast series for Employment and Social Development Canada, that explores being Indigenous in the Public Service, what reconciliation is for individuals, and what it can be for Canada.

    Subscribe with your favourite podcast app. Also available from Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Google Play Music.

    1. What is Reconciliation?
    2. Things to Know
    3. Legacy of the Past
    4. Self-discovery
    5. Conversation with Gina Wilson
    6. Appearances
    7. Realities
    8. Support
    9. Priorities, part 1
    10. Priorities, part 2 
    11. Joining  
    12. Conversation with Candice St-Aubin

    Talking Feds

    A podcast for, and about, the Canadian federal public service.
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    1. Red Tape Reduction Initiative, part 1: Planning Phase
    2. Red Tape Reduction Initiative, part 2: Engagement Phase
    3. What's Happening at CAPE?
    4. Red Tape Reduction Initiative, part 3: Gs & Cs
    5. Red Tape Reduction Initiative, part 4: Staffing
    6. Red Tape Reduction Initiative, part 5: Procurement
    7. Red Tape Reduction Initiative, part 6: Wrap-up

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