Read Me Somewhere

Leave the present behind and escape to another place, another time, a different frame of mind.

  1. The Power of Touch
  2. The Mutability of Literature
  3. On Lying Awake at Night
  4. The Tyranny of Things
  5. Some Nonsense About a Dog
  6. Living in the Country
  7. My Summer in a Garden
  8. Stop for a Moment
  9. Bed-Books and Night-Lights
  10. Beyond Life 
  11. The Mowing of a Field
  12. Two Friars 
  13. A Word for Autumn
  14. Sredni Vashtar 
  15. The Fifty-First Dragon
  16. Going Nowhere  
  17. The Curse of the Competent
  18. The Little Match Girl