Beneath the Silver Spire

Coming to print, late 2024:

A Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game (BFRPG) Adventure for 4 to 8 Player Characters, Levels 5 to 8. Compatible with other Old-School Revival table-top RPGs.

From the Introduction:

Silver Spire Mountain (“the Spire”) is a treacherously dangerous natural monument, feared and respected by the regional inhabitants. Clad in perilous ice and snow but seething with volcanic activity within, its sheer cliffs and lava pits deterred humanoid presence and activity even before it was rumoured to be inhabited by infernals and undead. But for one man, beckoned by the plume of smoke pouring from the mountain’s peak, its danger made it impossible to resist as a personal fortress.

In a past millennium, Lothain Ganthar used his divine might to explore the Spire’s labyrinth of caverns and tunnels. Knowing the paranoid intrusiveness of the residents of the nearby town of Mowbray, and seeking refuge from further interference by his former masters at the Temple of Daevas, Lothain eventually transported his library, laboratory, and loyal attendants to its fearsome depths, and never emerged.

Over the centuries, his name and deeds faded from living memory. Until recently, that is, when the name Lothain Ganthar once again began to be spoken in awe.

Four priceless artifacts have been stolen from their reclusive collectors: Crescent, a golden sickle; Bloodthistle, a crimson morningstar; Soulfang, a silver scimitar; and Tickler, an ebony scythe. The collectors have promised to reward courageous adventurers with anything they desire for their safe return, provided the wish is within their power to grant.

In response, guards and mercenaries were dispatched to overturn the region. Hovels and towers alike were torn apart in a fruitless search. Thieves were bribed to turn on each other. Innocents were blamed and executed, but not a hint of the location the stolen items was found… until the collectors each received a curious note stamped with the personal seal of Lothain Ganthar.

Originally slated to be released by December 2023, the OGL Debacle put all BFRPG projects on hold while we considered how the system would survive the license being revoked. Then it was decided to audit and rewrite the Core Roles and release a revised system under Creative Commons. This took 6 months.  

Chrysogon's Coterie became the first brand new title in print to be released by the Basic Fantasy  project under the new license. This will be the second or third.