September 04, 2017
Below are some of the Patrons who assisted the Toddcast "Break even by Season 4" campaign by covering the purchase of podcast equipment, or by donating gently-used studio gear.


Steve Buell

Gold / Gold Plus

Yvette Fung (+)
Elizabeth Ellis


Tanya Garcia
Abe Greenspoon
Terry Kelly
John Price
Taran Wasson
Greg White

Bronze / Bronze Plus

Jackie Tweedie (+)
M.F. Burford
Barbara Dundas
Daphne Guerrero
Jennifer Harju
Sarine Makdessian
Tariq Piracha
George Wenzel

Deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported Toddcast. More messages of appreciation will be recorded in Season 4 episodes. If you'd like to help and want more information, please use the contact form.
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