May 14, 2019

Fifth Season (2019)

Patrons support the show by covering the purchase of podcast equipment and/or by donating gently-used studio gear. Toddcast currently is saving for transcription of future and past episodes, and for a shotgun mic (see Toddcast's Amazon Wishlist).

Bronze ($25) through Platinum patrons will receive thanks in Season 5 closing credits. Individual Platinum and Gold patrons (2019) will be mentioned during the show opening, as sponsors of entire episodes.

If you'd like to help and want more information, please use the contact form.

Platinum / Platinum Plus

Anonymous (+)
Elizabeth Ellis

Steve Buell
Steph and Aaron Percival*

Gold / Gold Plus

 Dwight Coutts
Abe Greenspoon
Mari Takeda

Silver / Silver Plus

M.F. Burford
Rod Gallant
Donna Mandeville
George Wenzel

Bronze / Bronze Plus

Greg White (+)
Octavia James (+)
Tim Bouma
Justin Henry
Pamela James
Pierre-Luc Pilon

plus, Additional Donors: TD Francis

*2018 donors
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