April 23, 2018

Upcoming Season (2019)

For the Fifth Season, Toddcast is saving for a new handheld digital recorder for field interviews. Platinum through Bronze patrons will receive thanks in Season 5 closing credits. Individual Platinum and Gold patrons will be mentioned during the show opening, as sponsors of entire episodes. Please use the contact form to contribute.


Steph and Aaron Percival

Gold / Gold Plus

Elizabeth Ellis (+)
Steve Buell


George Wenzel

Current Season (2018)

Below are some of the Patrons who assisted the Toddcast "Break Even by Season 4" campaign by covering the purchase of podcast equipment and/or by donating gently-used studio gear.


Steve Buell
Steph and Aaron Percival

Gold / Gold Plus

Yvette Fung (+)
Elizabeth Ellis
Sharon Pinney

Silver / Silver Plus

Katherine Parker (+)
Tanya Garcia
Abe Greenspoon
Justin Henry
Terry Kelly
Rachel Muston
John Price
Taran Wasson
Greg White

Bronze / Bronze Plus

Jacky Tweedie (+)
M.F. Burford
Barbara Dundas
Rod Gallant
Daphne Guerrero
Jennifer Harju
Anthony Jaz
Sarine Makdessian
Tariq Piracha
George Wenzel

plus, Additional Microdonors 

Deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported Toddcast. More messages of appreciation will be recorded in the episodes. If you'd like to help and want more information, please use the contact form.
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