Indigenous Perspectives

“It’s kind of mind-boggling that a country that I cherish so much as a Canadian — I feel like we’re such a good country. And you know, I struggle with that now. I struggle with my Canadianness, and what that really means to me now.”

A 12-part limited series podcast created for Employment and Social Development Canada, that explores being Indigenous in the Public Service, what reconciliation is for individuals, and what it can be for Canada.

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  1. What is Reconciliation?
  2. Things to Know
  3. Legacy of the Past
  4. Self-discovery
  5. Conversation with Gina Wilson
  6. Appearances
  7. Realities
  8. Support
  9. Priorities, part 1
  10. Priorities, part 2 
  11. Joining  
  12. Conversation with Candice St-Aubin