October 12, 2017
Hello, and welcome. I'm Todd.

I was born and raised in Flin Flon, Manitoba. My part-time job in high school was as a radio announcer at the local station, CFAR.

After studying at University of Manitoba, I became a social worker specializing in child and adolescent mental health for ten years before getting my Masters at Carleton University and becoming a privacy advisor with the Canadian federal public service. In 2016, I was drafted by NRCan's INpire Innovation hub and given the role of "Free Agent," and am now on constant loan to various departments. Virtually, I also volunteer as an Administrator on GCPEDIA, the Government of Canada's wiki.

That said, everything posted on this blog or broadcast on my show represents my own personal opinion, and is not endorsed by the Government of Canada nor indicative of any official government policy perspective.  Blame me, and only me.

Being a public servant is the most "normal" job I've ever had, but I'm happy to say that radio, music, IM/IT and social work were all welcome skills here.
  • All the quirky jobs I've held in my life: 
    • Not-too-wacky radio announcer/news reader/disc jockey at CFAR (occasionally simulcast on CJAR, so I could "spread the joy"?). My favourite part of my radio show was from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., because I knew the station owner and music director were asleep, and I could play whatever I wanted.
    • Laboratory technician for a gold mining corporation in the rural north.
    • Gold refiner for the aforementioned mine. Yes, I transferred from the lab so I could actually pour gold bars!
    • Owner/manager of my own corporation (web design and hosting).
    • Professional bass player (over my "career", my musical genres spanned from reggae to heavy metal... radio work really expanded my tastes).
    • Social worker.
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