Safely Ignorable Content - An Introduction

I apologize if you're reading this; I'd hoped that the title would dissuade you.

Not reading?  Good.

A few things have happened that made me realize the necessity of lightening things up around here.  The first of these is a re-realization of the fact that I've been blogging for a couple of years now, but have ended up abandoning -- then deleting -- every blog I've ever started.  I'm not sure there's any great loss there, and if there is, rest assured that I'll be plagiarizing myself shamelessly by reposting something slightly rehashed or significantly reworked, then pretending that it's absolutely spanking new content.

This life/death phenomenon is obviously nothing new. My statistics analyst assures me that something like a milli-vanillion people start blogs each year, then get distracted by real life – though fortunately some have the presence of mind to realize that they've contributed lasting value, and hold off on the delete button. Or, perhaps they're just too busy with real life to bother...

In any case, seeing as my current blog relates more to my professional interests and I've taken the plunge in buying this domain name for the next 10 years, I figured I should make sure it lasts.

Second, I've realized that some of my professional interests (like my recent researchish [yeah – not a real word; don't stop me] blogging about public vs. privatized health care) may be extremely dull to people who might otherwise be inclined to drop by for a look.

Third, I'd probably wither from boredom myself if I didn't have the freedom to unleash some frivolity here whenever the inclination struck (which would inevitably lead back to problem #1).

So, this blather will be a randomly recurring feature/bug in the program, which I'll keep safely tagged under it's own special title and label so you can safely avoid reading it. Or, read only it.

With that now established, I'll sign off with one additional thought: I wish I could set this blog to music. Then, I could write lines like “I'm tired of blood and over priced bubble gum, mom” and get it widely distributed and enjoyed, with very few people calling me out on it.