Clerk Edits GCPEDIA - Public Servants Rejoice

Note: This post contains links only accessible within the Government of Canada network.

On my administrative rounds this morning I was pleased to read a familiar name in GCPEDIA's recent changes log: Wayne Wouters, Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet.

I was already aware of Mr. Wouter's support of GCPEDIA, having described it as "a key enabler of workplace renewal", but this...?  Did anyone see it coming?

Last night, shortly after 8 PM, he began crafting his user page, a talk page header template, and a discussion document on Workplace Renewal.  Then, this morning, he uploaded photographs and began making some fine adjustments to his featured article box on the wiki's front page.

Reaction on Twitter was quick...
@Arkuszewski: Clerk of the Privy Council is on #GCpedia. (internal link) Great step forward for #renewal #GoC

@stourang: Nice!

@toddrlyons: Wayne Wouters is editing #GCPEDIA - - Designing, writing, & uploading | #gc20 #goc

@scilib: who will be the first to add an edit to the #GCPEDIA discussion on workplace renewal?

@Wikisteff: Wayne's post on GCPedia is actually quite good: Way to go, Wayne! :)
 ...with many retweets and clickthroughs in succession, not to mention a number of public servants jumping in to provide helpful edits to the Clerk's posts.

It's heartening when high ranking public servants come out in support of social media. I was able to experience this recently at the YMAGIN National Conference where the speakers in attendance included three Director Generals, two Senior Assistant Deputy Ministers, an Assistant Deputy Minister, and the Deputy Minister of HRSD.

But when the highest ranking public servant in the Canadian government actually signs up, logs in, and begins creating content on a wiki in real time ... it's an unprecedented embracement — tangible evidence of a genuine commitment to public service renewal, and the collaborative tools that will help make it a reality.