Goodbye Rogers, Hello TekSavvy

About a week ago I decided I was finally tired of paying for bandwidth penalties from Rogers that were as expensive as buying a second monthly subscription. I called their customer service, and later, their retention department. They wouldn't match the bandwidth (300 GB/month) of even Teksavvy's cheapest cable Internet plan, nor would they match on price. Their best offer was a 20% discount on our current plan, or the same on an even more expensive one.

They resorted to the usual fear-mongering, trying to make me doubt the speed and reliability of the new service, despite the fact that Teksavvy provides its high speed Internet over Rogers' own lines.

I tweeted a complaint to @RogersHelps, which was completely ignored. Given the lack of interest from their live support, I'm not surprised, really. For immediate action, I suppose I should have tweeted to @Rogers_Sucks instead.

So it's goodbye, and I'm getting Teksavvy's unlimited bandwidth plan for less than I was paying for Rogers' midrange plan.

I'll keep you posted, but based on the feedback I've received from friends and colleagues, I'll be recommending that you do likewise.