Rogers Fiasco Epilogue

So I bid goodbye to Rogers High Speed Internet.

I've now had TekSavvy service for nearly a month. In all, it took 5 days of wrangling with Rogers to release my line from the probing that kept trying to latch onto my new network hardware. I'm not sure if Rogers managed to fix their issues of their own accord, or with some pushing from my wife's friend who started making waves from inside, but my cable modem was finally freed to link to Tek.

The numbers were great. Using, there was an immediate improvement of 7 MB/sec in download speed over what I'd been receving with Rogers, even though the new service is on Rogers' own lines. Netflix was even more a pleasure to watch than usual, and with Tek's top plan there are no bandwidth charges, so we're watching as much as we want, whenever we want. No worries. And as far as larger downloads, I'm seeing sustained speeds of 1.6 to 2.0 MiB/sec.  Software downloads in a small fraction of the time it used to take.

It's the honeymoon phase and I'm sure there will be occasional rough patches ahead, but I'd still rather deal with Tek's customer service reps any day of the week. A great experience. 

Which brings me back to Rogers... they did eventually get around to calling me back. The Office of the President no less.

It was too late to fix the problem with my line, and they had no excuse as to why they wouldn't budge on their prices, but it was a nice call nonetheless.

Of course I didn't actually get to speak to the President, unless the President is a nice woman named Nicole.

She wanted to know what had gone wrong. It helped that I'd written all the blog posts in this series: I had all the pitfalls described in glistening detail, which I was more than willing to pass along to her.

They have the names of the people who tried to assist me, are concerned that there was no follow-up, and promise to counsel them on how to avoid these sorts of customer problems in the future.

Hey, it could happen.  Of course, I won't be there to appreciate it.