KDE help: LibreOffice icons missing in KDE menu?

Recently, I noticed that the Writer icon had disappeared from the favourites tab of my K menu. Naturally, I right clicked and used the Edit Applications function to reset the icon back to normal by finding it in the system icons. There was no problem finding the icon, but as soon as I set it, it instantly disappeared again. As a temporary measure, I used the plain LibreOffice icon for the Writer app. For whatever reason, that change saved just fine.

No solutions anywhere on the web worked (short of one person's ridiculous suggestion of a complete reinstall of KDE!). Then I found this great suggestion from Mirosław Zalewski on the Debian Bugs list:
Problem can be solved by regenerating KDE icons cache. This can be done by removing /var/tmp/kdecache-${USER}/icon-cache.kcache file and relogging into your account. Then all icons will be in place. This also solves generic-x11 icon problem...
So, open a regular terminal (not root) and type:
rm /var/tmp/kdecache-${USER}/icon-cache.kcache
Logout and login again. All fixed! I had to change my icon back to the regular Writer icon because I'd manually altered it, but it stayed put this time after the save. Thanks Miroslaw.