Principles of Toddcast

Of possible interest...

Before I started writing scripts for the first Toddcast, before I even decided whether or not I should do a podcast, I drafted a list of tenets that would guide the show should it ever exist.  Here's what I wrote:
  • To promote a safe commute for listeners, audio is better than video. Audio with vivid, descriptive language is better still: like a book is better than a movie.
  • To reduce ROT, Toddcast should aim to be timely when necessary but timeless when possible.
  • To increase personality, it should not be afraid to be personal, surprising, and funny.
    • Interviews should feel like intimate conversations that listeners have the good fortune to overhear.
    • It should flow more like good FM radio show than a deck or a documentary.
    • Includes outtakes at the end, where appropriate.
  • To demonstrate the beauty of collaboration and sharing: talk the talk, walk the walk.
    • Produced with open source software.
    • Theme music should always change to interesting Creative Commons-licensed content.
    • Share everything back CC BY SA (Attribution-Share Alike).
This really made my decision to press ahead possible and guided the writing and production, particularly the second half of Episode 1.