#Toddcast: A bumpy ride? Worth it, I hope.

With the imminent release of episode 3, I've had opportunity to talk to people about their impressions of the first and second Toddcasts. As I warned on social media channels, the shows are drastically different in tone, but often a warning can't fully prepare you for the reality.

Overwhelmingly, reception was positive for Darlene and her courage in sharing her personal story just in time for the October awareness events surrounding mental health, but some found it impossibly intense to listen to. One listener, who loved the debut, told me she could not bring herself to finish the second one. Another listener came to speak to me individually after she'd heard it, to tell me about the issues it raised for her personally.

I'm proud to have been chosen to broadcast Darlene's story, and I'm pleased that it resonated so strongly. Some first-time listeners may be left with the impression that this is what the show is all about.  I want to assure you that not all episodes will be so powerfully emotional... but they will all offer a personal glimpse into the real life of a colleague.

I intend to intentionally space out some of the more serious episodes so the flow of the topics remains balanced. Humour will remain a mainstay of the series, and the human factor in every personal story will be clear, but the content will cover all subjects: informational and inspirational.

I hope you'll continue to listen, share it with your friends and colleagues, and leave your impressions with me and fellow listeners on the #Toddcast group on GCconnex.  Outside of the GC network, you may also leave comments (in the form of "Reviews") directly on the Internet Archive.