2017 Public Service Award of Excellence

Capping off what has been the best year of my professional career, I was blessed to have been selected to receive the highest award conferred to public servants: the Public Service Award of Excellence

I was given the Joan Atkinson Award for Public Sector Values in the Workplace for my championing of the GC Tools and for my work on Toddcast.

(from the Treasury Board:)
"As a registered social worker turned Free Agent for NRCan, Todd Lyons always felt a responsibility to contribute to a safe, healthy, and respectful workplace environment for all employees. Since 2009, he has been a volunteer administrator on GCPEDIA and in 2010 he initiated and funded the Gnomie Awards to encourage public servants to collaborate there. In 2015, he was inspired to align his professional interests with government priorities and created Toddcast – a podcast for, and about, public servants. Open, honest, and respectful communication on important topics are the cornerstone of the show. Mental health and mental illness are recurring themes, but other subjects include gender violence, harassment, discrimination, bullying, diversity, disabilities, grief, and conflict resolution. Some former guests are now mental health speakers. Todd credits the show’s success to his inclusive approach, his diverse team of volunteers, and his engaged and loyal listeners. He publishes his work under Creative Commons licensing to ensure free, permanent accessibility."
I want to thank those who nominated me and wrote letters in support: Darlene MulcaheyJennifer HollingtonTerry Kelly, Joy MoskovicNeil Bouwer, and Abe Greenspoon.