Featured in the 25th Annual Report to the Prime Minister

Some time ago a Toddcast listener requested my permission to submit me as a candidate for mention in the Annual Report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada. I was doubly touched. I can't recall another example where someone had asked my blessing to submit my name for an honour.

Today, it happened:

Individual employees have taken it upon themselves to change the workplace culture around mental health issues. In 2015, Todd Lyons, a federal public servant, created a podcast to explore the human side of the Government of Canada. He brings the diverse perspectives of public servants to his audience, with a focus on experiences we rarely talk about. Todd has created a space where fellow public servants feel safe to open up about their personal and professional journeys with mental illness. These conversations take bravery, but the shared stories help increase our understanding, compassion and awareness of how we can support one another.

My sincere thanks to Catherine Jollymore who submitted my name for this distinction!