Featured in the Government of Canada's 2016-2019 Mental health progress report

From time to time I check the major search engines to see if there is any mention of Toddcast or other shows I've produced (Indigenous Perspectives, Innovate On Demand, etc.). While listeners will often write me directly, sometimes organizations will feature my work unexpectedly. This week, I discovered a couple of treats.

First, apolitical listed Toddcast in an article, How to improve workplace mental health — 50 ideas for public servants:
Listen to a Mental Health-Focused Podcast like “Todd Lyons Podcast”

Public servant Todd Lyons explores in his podcast the human side of the Government of Canada, while addressing mental health issues. 

(the star indicates that it's a simple way to engage with the topic)

Second, I was gratified to discover a report from the Government of Canada's Privy Council Office — the 2016-2019 Mental health progress report: the Canadian public service experience:
Encourage grassroots engagement and innovation

We recognized there was no way we could address such a personal, human and intimate issue through standard, organized responses alone. Public servants with first-hand experience with mental health issues can open a personal dialogue unlike any other. This is why we celebrated and encouraged grassroots employee and department-led innovations (see Mental Health Resources to access more information on the innovations described below). [...]

  • A public servant explores the human side of federal public service
  • Podcast explores mental health issues 
  • 40+ podcasts available for free on iTunes
I'm really grateful to be reminded that my work continues to have meaning in the world.  It keeps me going when I have doubts, or when competing responsibilities make it difficult to meet my production and release schedule.

Thank you.