No good deed goes...

I've been spending almost all of my week's "vacation" renovating my house. Insulation, drywall, framing, flooring. Exhausting. 

Today, I needed $400 to buy a used stove for the kitchen I'm building. I went through the ATM drive-thru and got cash. There was a lineup, so I pulled over to the side to allow others to continue while I counted the money. By the time I arranged it in an envelope, the line behind me had cleared. 

It was a one hour round trip to Cumberland get the oven, then a stop at Home Depot to buy plumbing fittings. It was then I realized I'd lost my card. 

No sign of it on the van floor. I checked my mobile app: $60 'quick cash' missing. I was closeby so I went to the branch, cancelled the card, pointed out the fraud, left feeling sick. 

Then, on a hunch, I decided to walk through the drive-thru to see if the card had been discarded. And there it was... clipped to the trim of the ATM, complete with the receipt for the $60 tip that the person behind me in line had given themselves... rather than bring the card to the guy who'd pulled over so as not to hold them up in line. 

Somehow, I'd hoped that the last several months of pandemic would have helped people discover their humanity. Not this person, I guess. So, I turned over the now-cancelled card and the evidence over to the bank. 

I suppose I should feel thankful that the person didn't steal more from me. It's not a comfort... But I'd do it all again. I made a mistake because I was thinking of others first, and that's just the person I am always striving to be:  help others where I can, not get in the away of others when I can. 

Someone had a chance to be my hero today. 

I hope you really needed the money. I can't imagine robbing from a person, then driving past using the exit lane they made for me