OCTranspo Doesn't Care About Indigenous Women

On Friday at about 9:30 at night my 17-year-old daughter was attacked. She was trying to catch a bus home from work when she was grabbed by a drunken man at South Keys Station.
When she cried out for help, a woman came running to her rescue and pressed the station emergency button.

When the operator answered, the assailant lied, claiming that HE was a victim of racism.
OCTranspo hung up. Twice more my daughter called for help, and the operator did nothing except tell her to call the police.

I'm angry that one BIPOC person played the race card to deny responsibility for attacking another BIPOC person, but angrier still that OCTranspo doesn't care either way.

Formal complaint filed, but I have no expectation it will change anything. Missing and murdered people get thoughts & prayers from these types. The living ones get false promises & empty gestures.