Beneath the Silver Spire now in Playtesting

While waiting for Chrysogon's Coterie to go through the editing process, I started work on an adventure—my first in 40 years. It began as an open-source homage to one of my favourite modules from childhood, but soon veered sharply away.

In reviewing my battered 1980 copy, I realized that it was better in my memories than in current reality. I still liked the premise of the stolen weapons. They had power and distinctiveness, far above the typical MacGuffins that are supposed to tempt player characters into a dungeon. But the rooms themselves felt very random and gimmicky; more suited to a Mario video game than the caverns inside a mountain.

So, the resulting adventure is now in playtest on the Basic Fantasy website. You can learn more on its product page. Like my book, and everything else I publish, it is free to download and share under a Creative Commons license. And like my NPC book, I expect that it will eventually be in print, at or near-cost.