It's November 3, 2011 all over again

I reached a milestone today. The scale read 222, which is 30 pounds less than it read on April 22, when I started this calorie counting regimen. I should be feel good about this, I know, but it's a reminder what I've only erased the damage of the last 10 years. I'm back to that same "37 pounds to go" where I was in November of 2011.

On the other hand, I lost these 30 pounds in 7.5 weeks. By doing nothing more than limiting my calories to 1500 per day, and taking a brisk 35-40 minute walk 5 days a week. It wasn't nearly as arduous as my 2011-2012 experience, where I lifted weights and did an insane number of chin-ups. I do plan to add weights back into my routine, but I've learned that the diet alone can do a lot. What I'm worrying about now is what comes after.

Even when I reach my target weight of 185, I wonder what will keep me there. Stress and limited time is what made it possible for the old weight to creep back, plus add an additional 30 pounds. I can't say that my life has become more carefree, only stressful in different ways.

I need to think more about how the next ten years can be different than the last 10 years.