Public Servant eaten by The Big Machine: Film at 11

Hi, I'm Todd McClure. You may remember me from such blog entries as Building an RT Twitterbot and Open Formats and Open Source for Better Government. Then, tragedy: I fell off the social media wagon.

My primary job hasn't changed, but the work cycles are now twice as frequent. This has created havoc not only within my division, but to others within my directorate who were used to the old timeframe.  We're all running: trying not to trip over our own feet, or each other.
There isn't much time to think sometimes, and I've had to prioritize in order to make the best use of my spare processing cycles.  Job two has been trying to help other public servants accomplish their goals on GCPEDIA.  Job three has been teaching the GC's Web 2.0 toolkit (GCPEDIA, GCConnex, GCForums).  Job four?  Trying to keep a net in the water to look for other opportunities within the GC. Five?  Trying to keep connected to my colleagues at large via Twitter.

Not much room for priorities beyond those.

That said, writing is something I love to do.

I sat at my keyboard this morning and realized  how miserable I felt for having to let go of this part of my routine.  Hard to know what to write about when I'm juggling so many other things.

I'd like to write something once a month.Can't promise it will be anything amazing, but I'll endeavour to not waste your time in reading it.