Inaugural and Quite Probably Last-Ever Wordle

As I was pondering what to write about this month I was struck with a brilliant idea — a plan so cunning it could not possibly fail: I should save those really great ideas for articles you'd really like to read (but I don't have the time to write) for another time, and toss off a quickie so that I can technically keep my promise of writing something new once a month. =)

Also on my list of things to do ASAP: work on developing my inner-monologue so that it remains internal, rather escaping my lips and fingers in the unfortunate way that it so often does.

Still reading? Good. Then I hope you'll indulge me in my time-honoured tradition1 of making a wordle using the entire contents of one of my websites, then interpreting the results in a highly unscientific and dubiously valuable way, probably for my sole amusement.2

I offered this site for Wordle's consumption. Wordle ate heartily, chewed thoughtfully, then spat this back at me:

Some astute observations:
  • I like GCPEDIA and Twitter and blog (singular). Spooky how those were all clustered together, isn't it? It's like Dionne Warwick and the ex-alumni of the Psychic Friends Network picked up work moonlighting at Wordle. It's just like them to jump on a bandwagon like social media.
  • I don't like Facebook, so I appreciate Wordle's thoughtful separation of the term from the word like. As for its prevalence in the cloud all I can say is that I must spend an inordinate amount of time disliking it. Duly noted.
  • I know people within the public service, but mostly through my account (Twitter, GCPEDIA, or blog). So true. I don't get out much, do I? But I'll try harder this year. For one thing, Nelly's within walking distance of my office now, and she's really persuasive at getting me out of my cubicle. And for another, I have dozens and dozens of Gnomes cluttering up my workspace. Their casa is su casa sooner than you think, even if I have to fudge with the contribution totals on GCPEDIA to make it so (and I can: admin rights has its privileges).
  • Wordle's ostensibly "random selection" of an Old English font feels... decidedly less so. After all, it was only last week that I was bemoaning my descent down the mortal coil. Yes, I know you didn't read that sniffling bit of drivel, but Google did. Google reads everything. And I guess Google decided to have a laugh by boldly taunting my faltering self esteem by compelling Wordle to summarize my life's work (well, two years) in aged, dated typography which is difficult to read and arguably pointless once you've done so. So thanks, Google. Message received loud and clear. Nice to see that semantic web technology working so well at my expense.
  • And if you think I'm joking (well, I am, but...) there are two further things to consider: (1.) Google messed with my last Wordle, deleting itself from the output despite the number of times I've written about Google, and (b.) this website is hosted by, you guessed it, Google. I smell conspiracy.
Did I miss anything? If you read tarot, tea leaves or wordles, please do chime in.

- T.
1 - This assumes that doing something once before then repeating it later at a completely random, unplanned time can be considered a tradition.
2 - This, having occurred immeasurable times across my various sites, probably better meets the criteria of a tradition.