Old-School RPG Channel on YouTube

Four weeks ago, as an outgrowth of practicing my presentation and production skills, I started releasing content on YouTube. It proved unexpectedly popular -- at least to my modest expectations -- and so I decided to try to continue to push out one long video and a few shorts per week.

Role-Playing Games were significant to my early development and I've always believed that play is a basic need that extends into adulthood. As such, I'm going to continue to publish content to this platform for my own satisfaction, to share these concepts with others, and to keep my facilitation skills current.  

I am not interested in monetizing my content and suggest that you install an ad-blocker if you are a YouTube user.  Ublock Origin is the plugin I recommend. It even works in the Firefox mobile browser if you hate ads and tracking on your phone (don't use the YouTube app, or any apps where a mobile browser can do the job).

See? I can't even talk about gaming without bringing privacy into the conversation. It's weaved into who I am and what I do, much in the way social work is: