About me

I was born and raised in Flin Flon, Manitoba. My part-time job in high school was as a radio announcer at the local station, CFAR. If you want to hear me re-living my old glory days, listen to Toddcast or Talking Feds... and tell me whether I should have stuck with radio, rather than quit and go to university.

After studying at University of Manitoba, I became a social worker specializing in child and adolescent mental health for ten years before becoming a privacy advisor with the Canadian federal government. More recently, I've been given the role of "Free Agent," and am now on constant loan to various departments. Virtually, I also work as an Administrator on GCPEDIA, the Government of Canada's wiki.

That said, everything posted on this blog or broadcast on my show represents my own personal opinion, and is not endorsed by the Government of Canada nor indicative of any official government policy perspective.  Blame me, and only me.

More tidbits of possible interest
  • I've been on the Internet since it was black and white (grey, actually).

  • I've been a sysop of one kind or another since 1990, starting with several Bulletin Board Systems (remember those?).  I distinctly recall upgrading from a 1200 to a 2400 bps modem and thinking, "Wow, this is fast!" 

  • I'm a former OS/2 fan and a devout Linux convert, though I don't push it onto anyone. (If you want to learn about it, ask me.)

  • I've held some quirky jobs in my life: 
    • As a radio announcer/news reader/disc jockey at CFAR (simulcast on CJAR);
    • A gold refiner who poured gold bars for a mining corporation in the rural north; and 
    • As a professional bass player (over my "career", my musical genres spanned from reggae to heavy metal).